Travel Log: New Zealand Pt 2

Following on form {part 1} of my New Zealand holiday, we continued our journey from the North to the South. One of our first little stops along the way was the Ohau waterfall where in Winter you can see hundreds of seal pups make there way up to the waterfall to stay safe from predators. As it was Summer, we had to settle for a few seals lazing around on rocks and playing in the waves. As cute as they were, I think it would be an amazing experience to return in Winter for the seal pups.

Now I like to try new things, but when my mum said she had booked us a 'Mongolian Yurt' for the night I thought for sure we would be camping in a small, squishy teepee like structure. I could not have been more wrong! It doesn't look like much from the outside but inside this tent you will find raised wooden floors, luxurious bedding and an intricately painted roof complete with fairy lights. It is truly magical. Wacky Stays also offers a choice of living in a teepee, gypsy caravan and colonial wagon which I am sure are just as fun. You also have free access to their farm which has a range of extremely tame animals that will just walk right up to you. Even the baby donkey will let you have a pat.

Next on the list was a little visit to Christchurch. It was amazing to see how the community has coped with the devastating effects of the 2011 earthquake. Even 4 years on, they are still fixing and re-creating their town. It was a weird blend of old and new as huge sections of rubble sit amidst the otherwise untouched and thriving parts of the city.

While our destination may have been Queesntown but it was all the little places in between that really made our trip spectacular. Blessed with sunny weather and clear skies, our long car trips were anything but boring as we drove through the countryside, along the coast and down through the winding mountain roads with amazing views one after the other. It was hard not to get out and take a photo every 5 minutes.

Finally making it to Queenstown we actually only had two days there but it was a jam packed, fun filled two days!  Queenstown honestly has something for everybody - adrenaline, ambrosia, amazing views and adventure. Due to all the fun having, I didn't really take many photo's, who has time for that when you're jet-boating, luge-riding and zip lining down a mountain? One of my favorite parts of New Zealand, Queenstown in particular, is that even after filling your entire day, you can still walk down to the beach and watch the sun set because this doesn't happen until at least after 9.00pm. Even though it's late, the town is always buzzing with activity.

What a perfect way to end an amazing holiday!